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Produce foam generators and mixers with pump

for foam concrete ( Aerated Cellular Concrete )

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Continuous foam concrete system

Foam generator GS30




100% static. Fill with compressed air 150 liter/minute, 4 bar.

Foam flow            150 liter foam / minute

Dimensions                  25x50x50 cm

Weight                           19 kg

He can produce foam for 30mc Foam Concrete / 8h


Mortar Sprayer  MS15   600 ron


 15 sm/hour

Foam generator GS50  



work at                220 V monofazic

Power     2,8 KW

Work power                   1.5KW

Foam flow                  150-190 liter/minute

60 x 45 x 45 cm

He can produce foam for 80mc Foam Concrete / 8h

Protected with residual curent device at 30 mA

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